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Welcome to the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library ("Friends") website. The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Friends, activities sponsored, and encourage the public to help the Friends enhance the Eastern Shore Public Library (ESPL) in Accomac, VA,

There are several ways you can help the ESPL:

Join the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library to actively support and promote your library.

Help focus public attention on the services, facilities and needs of your library.

Volunteer your time, your money and your expertise to your library.

Support your library by purchasing a book from the library's wish list or through the BE FIRST program, or purchase a calendar, book tote or used book.





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News and events

Santa's visit Sat Dec 1st.

Our annual visit from Santa will occur this year on Saturday December 1 from 10AM to Noon at Accomac Library, 23610 Front St, Accomac VA. Santa will have a book (English or Spanish) for each child from age newborn to 12. He will give a candy cane to all believers. Bring your camera to capture the event for your family. Santa has an outstanding record of “no tears” visits—he has NEVER cried and very few kiddies have either. Last year, 65 children got a book from Santa. 757-787-3400 for more information.

Picture of Santa

Birthday celebration and book sale

Our 60th birthday celebration and book sale was very popular. Many people came in to see what we had for sale and enjoy the cake and cookies. There were lots of goodies and balloons to add to the festive atmosphere. This was held during National Friends of the Library week which is sponsored by the American Library Association. If you missed the event we still have many great books for sale as well as our popular calendars which usually disappear before the end of the year.

Firecracker Book Sale: A big Bang This Year!

This was the best year ever! There were crowds from the time we opened until we closed. Two patrons bought $123 and $87 worth of books! We supplied boxes to carry out patrons' treasures. Our selections of books were wonderful thanks to everyone who had dropped off donations of new and barely-read books over the months before the sale.

Summer Reading Program – another big hit.

As in past years, the Friends donated money to the Summer Reading program. This year it had 85 participants and 560 people attended the other programs. Janice Felker, Youth Services Librarian held programs 2 days a week covering many different subjects about the Eastern Shore and the rest of the world. She was helped by the first Teen Intern. 380 lunches were served at Accomac and Nassawaddox branches as part of 'No Kids Hungry' program.

Information video display at circulation desk.

Friends bought the display so patrons can be informed about upcoming events and see successful past events. It has been a popular addition to checking books in and out.

Membership Renewal 2019

It's that time of year; time to renew your Friends membership for 2019. The Friends continue to provide support for the current Main Library in Accomac.

Complete the form included in this newsletter (Join the Friends) then bring it with you to a Book Sale and get a free tote bag. You may also bring it to the Annual Meeting, or return it by mail to: Friends of ESPL, P.O. Box 218, Accomac, VA 23301 along with your donation.

Help Accomac Library by Volunteering

If you'd like to donate some time and energy to your local library, we'd love to hear from you! Contact Colette Nelson at or 787-1518.

Checkout Facebook on for up to the minute news.

Latest Accomplishments - making access to the Library easier.

Picture of powered door opener.

Easier access for everyone to everything our Library can offer. - Automatic doors were installed to make access to the Accomac Library easier for everyone. It is amazing how many people use the button! Patrons with armfuls of books were using their elbow, small children were asking if it was their turn to open the door, other patrons were using it to help elderly folks come in and out, as well as people on crutches, walkers, canes and in wheelchairs.

E-books. - You can now download e-books and audio books from the Libraries website. The Friends recently gave a donation to the ESPL to help underwrite the cost of the E-Books subscription and equipment. This is an expensive undertaking but was in demand from many patrons so the Trustees of the Library authorized the subscription. Go to to find out more or call (757) 787-3400.

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